Today's Reason to Celebrate

December 01, 2024 is

World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS Day. Recognized on the 1st of December each year, World AIDS Day serves as an official global health campaign to raise awareness of HIV and the challenges that still exist today for those living with the disease. Since 1988, this day has been used by many people across the globe as a time to come together in the fight against the spread of HIV and AIDS. The red ribbon, the first ever ribbon symbol to be used, is now a global image of HIV awareness and support. Wear a ribbon (or pass the message along) in solidarity of efforts to eradicate this disease.

Currently, more than 35 million people worldwide live with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) every day. While no cure for the virus itself exists, medical technology and better practices have led to the development of treatment options that can decrease the illness’s side effects and increase quality of life. Join in on the conversation and use hashtags #worldAIDSday, #endAIDS, and more across social media to share your message.