Today's Reason to Celebrate

May 27, 2024 is

Sunscreen Day

Today is Sunscreen Day! With summer on the horizon, it’s time to start enjoying the great outdoors. It's important to wear sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun and to enjoy a beautiful day without worry!

Even in ancient times, humans wanted products to protect their skin. Ancient Egyptians preferred the look of light skin to dark skin, so they invented a sun lotion to maintain a lighter complexion. They used a combination of rice bran, jasmine, and lupine in their sun lotions – and some of these ingredients are still used in sunscreens today! 

Did you know that there are many scientists that are credited with discovering modern sunscreen? In 1936, chemist Eugene Schueller invented a preventative sunburn cream, and went on to start L’Oreal. Around the same time, Swiss chemist Franz Greiter was inspired to develop a sun lotion after he was sunburned while climbing Mount Piz Buin. His product came to the market under the name Piz Buin in 1946, and is still sold today. In 1944, Florida pharmacist Benjamin Green patented Red Vet Pet sunscreen, which became Coppertone suntan cream and was very popular throughout the 1950s (and still is today!).

Sunscreen Day is a good reminder to make sure you apply and reapply your sunscreen whenever you go outside. Enjoy the nice weather and wear your sunscreen!

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