Today's Reason to Celebrate

March 20, 2024 is

Spring Equinox

Today is the Spring Equinox, the official first day of Spring! Get ready to pack away the winter clothes, because soon enough we'll be enjoying warmer weather, much longer days, and the arrival of flora and fauna.

The word equinox means “equal night”, referring to the fact that days and nights are approximately equal everywhere, and the sun rises and sets due east and west. According to popular folklore, you can stand a raw egg on its end during the equinox. No one has statistically proven this to be true or false – try for yourself and see what happens!

The Spring Equinox brings sure signs of changing seasons, from blooming flowers to chirping birds. It marks the beginning of nature’s renewal in the Northern Hemisphere.

Celebrate the arrival of Spring this year, and send a free eCard to friends and family wishing them a happy first day of Spring.