Today's Reason to Celebrate

March 23, 2024 was


Purim begins tonight at sundown! This Jewish spring holiday, also referred to as the Festival of Lots, honors the saving of the Jewish people from the Persian Empire in 5th century BCE by Esther, the Queen of Persia. The holiday is known for its joyous celebration complete with food, drink, and costumes.

Purim occurs every year on the 14th day of the Hebrew month of Adar. In observance of Purim, followers of the Jewish faith will often feast and rejoice! This holiday is celebrated by the exchanging of gifts, including food and drink referred to as "mishloach manot." Followers will also perform public readings from the Book of Esther, donate to the poor, and eat a celebratory meal. One of the most popular treats enjoyed during Purim is a triangle-shaped cookie called "hamantaschen." This holiday is best known, however, for its boisterous feast, which usually involves a costumed, joyous public celebration.

Celebrate today and read about the history of Purim, partake in a festive meal, or give gifts of charity.