Today's Reason to Celebrate

March 12, 2025 is

Plant a Flower Day

Today is National Plant a Flower Day! Spring is fast approaching, so this is a great way to get ready. We all love spring for its sunshine, greenery, and new blossoms. Depending on where you live, planting flowers is a perfect way to welcome warmer weather and sunshine, or to simply decorate your yard or house with some beautiful flowers.

Gardening has become a popular hobby amongst people of all ages. If you can, get outside and plant some flowers today! If not, you can still plant your flowers inside in a pot. Flower gardening is a sure way to brighten your day and bring you some happiness!

Two very popular flowers for the month of March are daffodils and marigolds. Plant one of these flowers, or another favorite to celebrate! This can be a fun activity to do with the whole family.