Today's Reason to Celebrate

May 13, 2023 is

National Miniature Golf Day

Today is National Miniature Golf Day! Did you know that miniature golf has been around since the 1800s? During this time, it was thought to be unladylike to swing a golf club above a woman's shoulder level. So in 1867, the Ladies’ Putting Club of St. Andrews designed a scaled-down version that allowed women to join in the fun without creating a scandal! 

During the early 20th century, miniature golf courses gained popularity in America. They typically were only available at hotels or pricey private resorts, and weren’t exactly accessible to the general public. Then in 1916, a North Carolina man named James Barbar opened the first classic miniature golf course, dubbed “Thistle Dhu.” By the early 1930s, the game of mini golf had grown to become a popular pastime across America. 

To celebrate National Miniature Golf Day, enjoy a round or two of mini golf with some friends!

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