Today's Reason to Celebrate

November 23, 2023 is

National Espresso Day

It’s National Espresso Day! Luigi Bezzera invented the espresso coffee machine in Italy in 1901. His objective was to decrease his employees' coffee break time and increase their productivity! Bezzera's machine used steam pressure to force hot water through the finely ground coffee. This allowed coffee to be prepared quickly, on demand, and by the cup. The resulting brew of coffee was also stronger in flavor and body. Bezzera's patent was sold in 1903 to Desidero Pavoni who began commercially producing and distributing the espresso machine throughout Europe. 

Today, espresso is a popular drink in cafés all around the world. To celebrate National Espresso Day, support your favorite coffee shop with a to-go order, or make your own using an espresso coffee machine like the one Luigi Bezzera invented!

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