Today's Reason to Celebrate

December 01, 2024 is

National Christmas Lights Day

Today is National Christmas Lights Day! Today is the day to deck the halls and get into the holiday spirit. Invite friends and family over for a last-minute gathering to help decorate your home with this free online invitation you can deliver instantly by email or text!

People have decorated their Christmas trees with lights since the 17th century. The first Christmas lights were candles clipped onto the tree branches. The first outdoor electric Christmas lights were introduced in 1880 by Thomas Edison. According to the Library of Congress, Thomas Edison created the first strand of electric lights, which were then displayed outside of his Menlo Park Laboratory for passersby to enjoy. In 1903, General Electric began to sell Christmas light kits to the general public, making the holiday spectacle accessible to families across the country.

Christmas lights are a great way to spread joy during the holiday season. Learn all about the neighborly etiquette of holiday lights, and illuminate your home for the holidays! Happy National Christmas Lights Day!