Today's Reason to Celebrate

November 07, 2024 is

Hug a Bear Day

Today is Hug a Bear Day! While we do not recommend venturing into the wild to hug a live bear, this is the perfect day to give a big hug to your favorite teddy bear!

Did you know that the ancient Egyptians are credited with making the first plush toys? Although no remains of stuffed toys have been discovered in Egypt, paintings on the tombs suggest they did have animal toys. Modern stuffed animals were first introduced in the 1830’s, but they were homemade with cloth and straw. In 1880, Germany began manufacturing stuffed animals that closer resembled the cute toys we still purchase today. Stuffed animals were not popular in the US until 1906, when President Theodore Roosevelt inspired the production of the first “Teddy Bear”.

Celebrate Hug a Bear Day by snuggling up with your favorite Teddy Bear or purchase a new cuddly bear! Happy Hug a Bear Day!