Today's Reason to Celebrate

March 28, 2024 is

Eggsibit Day

Today is Eggsibit Day! Eggsibits (art exhibits of beautifully decorated eggs) take place each spring all around the world. At the annual Eggsibit in Phillipsburg, New Jersey, judges from the National Egg Art Guild award prizes for the most original, the most beautiful, and the most humorous egg designs.

People have been decorating eggs for centuries. One of the traditional forms of this ancient art is the wax-resist method, which is popular in eastern Europe. Artists use a stylus to create a design on the egg with melted beeswax before dipping it in the dye. The wax seals that section of the design so it doesn’t absorb the color. They adjust the wax and repeat the process with different colored dyes to create an intricate pattern.

In honor of Eggsibit Day, invite some friends over for an evening of decorating, and host your own eggsibit!