Today's Reason to Celebrate

July 01, 2024 is

Canada Day

O Canada! Today is Canada Day—the birthday of America’s "Neighbor to the North." Send free Canada Day eCards to friends and family, watch a movie that stars your favorite Canadian actor, or listen to your favorite Canadian band.

On this day in 1867, the Constitution Act united Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Canada Province (modern-day Quebec and Ontario) into a single country. The Constitution Act of 1867 also granted Canada quite a bit of independence from England.

Did you know that some of the greatest inventions of our time have come from Canada? Canadians are responsible for light bulbs, telephones, zippers, egg cartons, snowmobiles, instant mashed potatoes, peanut butter, walkie-talkies, IMAX, Trivial Pursuit, basketball, and ice hockey!

Traditionally, Canadians celebrate this festive holiday with patriotic barbecues, parades, concerts, and fireworks. This year, there has been a call for Canadians to use this time to reflect upon the history of injustice for Indigenous peoples. However you choose to celebrate today, reach out to your Canadian friends & family!

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