Today's Reason to Celebrate

July 26, 2024 is

Bert’s Birthday

Today is Bert’s birthday! Bert is a beloved character from Sesame Street, most often spotted with best friend Ernie. He was created by Don Stahlin and Jim Henson in 1969, and has been on the show ever since.

Bert and Ernie are complete opposites, which creates constant conflict and comedy! Bert is the serious, smart, agitated, and boring one of the duo, while Ernie is fun, mischievous, naïve, and outgoing. Bert’s favorite hobbies are playing with pigeons, eating oatmeal, and collecting bottle caps.

Celebrate Bert’s birthday as you watch an episode of Sesame Street with your family. You can also celebrate by sending one of our free Sesame Street online invitations for your next party!

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