Today's Reason to Celebrate

October 21, 2024 is

Abby Cadabby’s Birthday

Today is Abby Cadabby’s birthday! Abby is a fairy from Sesame Street who has magical powers. She can appear in and out of thin air, float, and turn objects into pumpkins! Abby made her first appearance on Sesame Street in 2006.

Abby goes to school with other fairy tale students, where she is amazed by simple skills like counting and writing letters. She speaks the Dragonfly language, and also knows how to speak Spanish. Abby’s character has become so popular that a 43-foot balloon was made of her in the 2007 Thanksgiving Macy’s Day parade!

Celebrate Abby’s birthday by watching an episode of Sesame Street with your kids! You can also celebrate by sending one of our free Sesame Street online invitations for their next party! 

  • October 21, 2024 is also National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day | Unity Day
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