Today's Reason to Celebrate

February 06, 2025 is

Waitangi Day

It’s Waitangi Day! If you're not from New Zealand, chances are you've never heard of today's Reason to Celebrate. Waitangi Day commemorates the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi on February 6, 1840. This is the document that officially made New Zealand part of the British Empire, guaranteeing the indigenous people of New Zealand the rights to their land and the same personal rights as British citizens.

The Indigenous people (called the Maori) viewed the treaty as a sacred pact. There are many customs associated with Waitangi Day including family gatherings, ceremonies, and parades to celebrate Maori culture. It is also the day that the Order of New Zealand is bestowed upon individuals who have given outstanding service to their country.

To celebrate Waitangi Day, book a trip to New Zealand, learn more about the history of this island nation, or watch a movie filmed amidst its beautiful landscapes! Happy Waitangi Day!

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