Today's Reason to Celebrate

January 28, 2025 is

Ernie's Birthday

Today is Ernie’s birthday! Ernie is the beloved character from Sesame Street – loved for his silly, fun, and adventurous nature. You’ll instantly recognize him by his distinct chuckle! Of course, when you think of Ernie you also think of his best friend and roommate, Bert! Ernie and Bert were first introduced in 1969.

Ernie enjoys taking baths with his Rubber Duckie, often singing about his love for it. He also loves the saxophone, parades, circuses, and celebrations. Amidst all of the trouble that he may get into, Ernie always means well. Thankfully he has Bert as a voice of reason!

Enjoy today by watching an episode of Sesame Street with your family. You can also send one of our free online Sesame Street invitations to organize a birthday party for your child!