Today's Reason to Celebrate

July 07, 2024 is

Build a Scarecrow Day

Are birds eating all of the fruits and vegetables in your garden faster than you can pick them? Solve your problem today—it’s Build a Scarecrow Day!

Wizard of Oz fans—don't be fooled. Your scarecrows don't need a brain! Birds and other animals often mistake scarecrows for people. So, they will likely stay away from the area that a scarecrow “watches over.” Scarecrows are relatively easy to build. All you need is some hay, a few articles of clothes, a stick and a hat.

Personalize your scarecrow by giving it pins, buttons and apparel from your favorite sports teams, schools or bands. This way, if you find that the intruders aren't frightened by it, you’ll still have a festive decoration for your garden!