Today's Reason to Celebrate

April 24, 2024 was

Administrative Professionals Day

It’s Administrative Professionals Day! Send a free Admin Day eCard to your team admin to express your appreciation! Where would we be without our administrative professionals? These are the dedicated individuals who take notes, answer phones, remember all the little details, and keep everyone in the office organized.

In 1952, the International Association of Administrative Professionals organized the first Administrative Professionals Day. This holiday is a worldwide celebration that brings millions of people together to honor secretaries, receptionists, and administrative assistants. It is one of the largest workplace observances of the year, and with good reason. There are over 4.1 million Americans that have the job title “administrative assistant,” and another 8.9 million Americans that work in administrative support roles.

To celebrate Administrative Professionals Day, show your appreciation for the admins on your team today who help keep everyone together even in the toughest times. Order them a bouquet of flowers or send a thoughtful gift card. They certainly deserve it!