Today's Reason to Celebrate

April 10, 2024 was

National Siblings Day

It’s National Siblings Day! Today is a great opportunity to celebrate all of your siblings, and the other fantastic people in our lives who have acted as siblings over the years. Send a free eCard today to let your siblings know how much you care about them!

Siblings Day has been recognized as an annual event for thousands of years in other nations, including Northern India and several South Asian countries. In the United States, National Sibling Day became an official holiday in 2008 from the efforts of the Siblings Day Foundation. Claudia Evart, founder of the foundation, created the holiday after both of her siblings passed away early in life. Today, the foundation hopes to grow National Siblings Day as large as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, as all of these people are very important in our lives!

A sibling’s relationship is often one of the longest relationship in a person’s life. Tell your siblings how much they mean to you today, and show how much you appreciate them. Send a loving gift, flowers, a gift card. Happy National Siblings Day!