Today's Reason to Celebrate

March 06, 2024 was

National Oreo Cookie Day

It’s National Oreo Cookie Day! Oreos are the delicious chocolate cookie with cream filling that we all know and love. The Oreo sandwich is made using powdered sugar, vanilla extract, water, granulated sugar, and shortening.

Americans have been enjoying Oreos for over a century, with the first Oreo cookie being sold in March 1912 to a grocer in Hoboken, NJ. The Oreo cookie has since become the best-selling cookie in the United States. There are tons of fun and unique Oreo flavors, a few examples being “Birthday Cake,” “Cookie Dough,” and “Banana Split” flavored cookies.

To celebrate National Oreo Cookie Day, pour yourself a cold glass of milk and indulge in some Oreo cookies!

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