Today's Reason to Celebrate

March 31, 2024 was

Bunsen Burner Day

Today is Bunsen Burner Day! In 1852, a man named Robert Bunsen began working at the University of Heidelberg. He was trying to isolate chemical substances and soon became frustrated with the inefficient and smoky heat sources that were available in the laboratory. To solve the problem, he drew up plans for a burner that would mix gas and air prior to ignition. The result was the Bunsen burner, which is now used in laboratories all over the world.

Bunsen burners (along with Teclu burners and Meker burners) produce a smokeless blue flame at very high temperatures. Scientists use these types of burners for heating, combustion, and sterilization.

To celebrate Bunsen Burner Day, reminisce on your fondest or funniest memory from a high school chemistry class! Happy Bunsen Burner Day!

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