Today's Reason to Celebrate

December 15, 2024 is

National Cupcake Day

It’s National Cupcake Day! Cupcakes have been an American culinary icon since the 19th century. Prior to cupcakes, ingredients used in baking were primarily weighed rather than measured. These delightful treats shifted the art of baking from weighing to measuring ingredients.

For many years, cupcakes were known as one-two-three-four cakes because of their recipe: one cup of butter, two cups of sugar, three cups of flour, four eggs, plus one cup of milk and one spoon full of baking soda. This formula is still the traditional cupcake recipe that many people use today. Fun fact: the world's largest cupcake was displayed in July of 2009 at the Covent Garden Real Food Market in London. This cupcake was about 4 feet in diameter and weighed over 330 pounds! It also contained 200 eggs and took over 50 hours to make.

Celebrate National Cupcake Day and send a whimsical Christmas cupcake free eCard! When you choose digital cards over paper, you help the Earth by cutting back on harmful paper waste. Choose your favorite eCard, and then bake your favorite cupcake recipe or support your local cupcake shop and place an order!

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