Today's Reason to Celebrate

October 14, 2022 was

National Dessert Day

It’s National Dessert Day!  Today is the perfect day to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Although desserts are typically eaten after a meal, they can be (and should be!) enjoyed at any time. The term “dessert” was first used in the mid-1500s in France and originates from the word “desservir,” which means "to remove what has been served".

Desserts grew in popularity after the advent of international sugar trading. Once sugar arrived in Europe in the 12th century, more desserts were slowly introduced (in fact, the first written apple pie recipe can be traced back to England in 1381!). The Industrial Revolution also furthered the popularity of desserts as mass production introduced new processing, preservation, and packaging methods.

Whether it’s cookies, pie, or a cupcake, be sure to treat yourself to something special today to celebrate National Dessert Day!