Today's Reason to Celebrate

October 10, 2022 was

National Cake Decorating Day

It’s National Cake Decorating Day! Practice new decorating techniques, try out a new kind of frosting, or create a one-of-a-kind design to celebrate.

Cake decorating is an art form that requires patience and experience. The earliest "cake" can be traced back to the Neolithic era. Archaeologists uncovered very basic cakes made from grains. These Neolithic cakes were determined to have likely been cooked over a hot stone and bore little resemblance to the cakes we know and love today! Today, we decorate our cakes with intricate icing patterns, sprinkles, and even fondant. Various reality television shows have even sprung up revolving around cake and cupcake baking competitions.

Stock up on all the important supplies — like pastry bags, decorating tips, sprinkles, sugar flowers, accessories, and cake toppers — and start baking! Gather your family tonight for a cupcake-decorating competition in honor of National Cake Decorating Day!