Today's Reason to Celebrate

May 18, 2019 is

Send an Electronic Greeting Card Day

Today is Send an Electronic Greeting Card Day! Celebrate this holiday and send a special note to dear friend or a beloved family member. Browse Punchbowl for tons of gorgeous designs to express your feelings or celebrate an occasion, including Thank You, Birthday, or Just Because cards. Create a customized greeting card to make someone’s day – all online. Punchbowl also offers digital gift cards that you can include with your electronic greeting card, to make this fun holiday all the more special.

Did you know that people have been exchanging greeting cards since the early 15th century? Homemade greeting cards were exchanged throughout parts of Europe around this time to celebrate Valentine’s Day. One of these greeting cards can even be found as a relic in the British Museum! Greeting cards have come along way since the 15th century, and now can be sent to loved ones immediately online.

To celebrate Send an Electronic Greeting Card Day, personalize and send a digital greeting card to friends and family – you may even inspire them to send their own!