Add a Co-Host

Tag-team your party planning with our Co-Host feature! We make it easy to add a Co-Host to help create your invite, build the guest list, and manage RSVPs when you send online invitations. This feature is an exclusive Premium membership benefit.

Get started
Feature cohost 1 Feature cohost m 1
On the Add Guests page click the Options button.
Feature cohost 2 Feature cohost m 2
On the Member Features tab click Start a free trial and follow the prompts to upgrade your membership.
Feature cohost 3 Feature cohost m 3
Now that you've unlocked this membership benefit, turn on the Add a Host option and enter the email address of your co-host.
Feature cohost 4 Feature cohost m 4
Here’s what your co-host will receive. Once they create an account, co-hosts can edit the invite, add to the guest list, and more!
To get started, choose your invitation design.
To get started, choose your invitation design.
Get started