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Specialty Cakes in Illinois

From a beautiful baby shower cake topped with alphabet blocks to a graduation cake showcasing the grad's major and school colors, it's no wonder specialty cakes are all the rage. Not only can bakers in Illinois create gourmet cakes, they can also take your ideas and design a completely personalized specialty cake.

Specialty cakes are also popular for bridal showers, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and bar mitzvahs. In the case of a bar mitzvah cake, it is often the centerpiece of the event. There is even an entire ceremony"”the candle lighting"”that is focused on the cake. It's no wonder that the guest of honor wants a specialty cake that really represents them.

If you're looking to have a specialty cake made for your Illinois party, check out our comprehensive local listings for bakers in your area. Professional bakers are excellent at taking an initial concept and translating it to a truly unique and memorable cake for your party.

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