Punchbowl Party Planning


Delray Beach Bowling

Bowling alleys in Delray Beach, Florida are great venues for parties! Everyone loves bowling, which is why it's a popular activity for kids and adult parties year after year. You can choose from traditional Delray Beach bowling alleys or more upscale, trendy bowling alleys depending on the type of party you're hosting.

Delray Beach, Florida bowling centers are terrific venues for parties because they often have everything right there. In addition to having all of the bowling equipment, some bowling alleys have restaurants and bars as well as private rooms for parties. See if the bowling centers around the Delray Beach area have any of these amenities.

Ten pin bowling is the most popular type of bowling, however some Delray Beach, Florida bowling alleys offer candlepin bowling which uses smaller balls. If you're having a kid's party, see if the bowling center will put bumpers in the gutters for the kids. Also, inquire about how many people are allowed at each of the bowling lanes. This will help you determine how many lanes to reserve for your guests.


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