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Today's Reason to Celebrate

February 14, 2013 was

Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine’s Day! Surprise your loved ones with thoughtful Valentine's Day gift cards, homemade chocolate treats, or a beautiful flower arrangement!

For centuries, people have celebrated February as the month of romance. In Ancient Rome, for example, a bachelor would pick the name of a young woman out of a hat during the festival of Lupercalia. He would be paired with his chosen woman for the year and often ended up marrying her.

The tradition of sending romantic greetings on the feast day of St. Valentine emerged during the Middle Ages. St. Valentine was a Roman priest who secretly performed marriages for young lovers forbidden to wed. February 14 was also a celebration of the day “the birds began to pair.” Today, Valentine’s Day is a popular occasion for romantic dinners, gift exchanges, and weekend getaways. Personalize a beautiful free Valentine's Day eCard to spread the love!

On the flip side, this holiday has a growing number of naysayers who believe that Valentine's Day is too commercialized and too cheesy. Want in on the fun? Send an Anti-Valentine's Day eCard to celebrate!

  • February is Black History Month & Potato Lover's Month & National Weddings Month
  • This week is Fashion Week & International Flirting Week

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